100WCGU #193

This weeks prompt from julias place is – He just went to sleep and didnt wake up


Looking back he remembered that final feeling before the end- a mixture of sadness that his time on earth has finished, that he will be leaving behind loved ones to carry on without him. Feelings of regret that he could have prevented it- why did he not listen to those who knew and tried to help?- did he get to do everything he wanted to do in life? The one emotion that he was surprised about was happiness. He was happy he no longer had to suffer the pain.


Then he just went to sleep and didn’t wake up……



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2 Responses to 100WCGU #193

  1. Very thought provoking. What would be out final thoughts? I often think on that when I get caught up in workaholic tendencies. Will I think – I’m so glad I worked so hard? NEVER. Best to just enjoy life and do what we love. I can see that’s what you are doing here 🙂

  2. ratsonthepage says:

    Wow that’s fantastic. Very thought provoking ( as Bee said). Really enjoyed how he was thinking and wondering then it just stopped. Again, that was fantastic.

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