New prompt called unfinished popped up on the reader- and it instantly called out to me (love it when they do that)

Here is my take on it-

Plates sat waiting to be clean again so it can belong with the pile at the other end of the sink…..

Cups wanting to be filled with the tea that wants to be united with the water steaming out of the kettle…..

Post unanswered,begging to be open hours after they have burst through the letterbox…..

The book unopened with adventures to be explored- sat in the same place since last night…….

The pile of clothes wanting to come out of the washing machine- to see daylight again….


The computer with word open- with only a few wor

😛 see what I done there

Many thanks for reading 🙂


via Daily Prompt: Unfinished

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2 Responses to Unfinished

  1. Oh I love this! I want to join in!

  2. j2mason816 says:

    Such a clever exercise in writing. I loved this. I need to exercise my brain with writing prompts, I used to do with my students and write with them, never thought of doing as an actual writer.

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