WIP3 Snippet

A summers evening breeze swept through her hair- knowing it would be the last time she felt this sensation she smiled and finally moved back inside the home. Passing the people she called her friends she thought that, even though she got to know them the very short space of time she had been there, she will miss them greatly. She walked through to her room, entered and shut the door behind her where the chattering and laughing sounds that she will miss stopped.

She felt weary and wanted to lie down- like she had suddenly done thousands of press ups or gone on a long run- her bones ached on the way to the bed. The room was peaceful but she was suddenly aware of her breathing- shutting her eyes she laid down and a wave of sleep drifted over her like if she took a sleeping pill- very relaxed. Opening her eyes she found a man sitting at the end of the bed smiling at her.

Deirdre did not seem surprised or shocked as she gazed at this man- studying him he did not look like the typical portrayal of what the movies and books described him as- no scythe or black hood in sight. Instead he wore a black suit with a funny tie that actually suited his job nicely- a skull to be exact! He had a rather handsome look about him- penetrating blue eyes and reddish tinge to his long hair that was scrapped up into a ponytail.

“Hello- is it time” She said with a hint of nerves
“Do you know why I am here?” His soft voice replied
“Yes” She replied
“Are you ready?”


🙂 Hope you enjoyed reading it!



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7 Responses to WIP3 Snippet

  1. I did like it. One question, when she says, “Hello-is it time,” is that supposed to be a statement or a question? I was kind of expecting a questing there. Just wondering. 😊

  2. Jen Smith says:

    Great snippet! Lots of feels wrapped in just a few paragraphs.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this. You have a way of writing that grabs you in. This one really leaves you thinking…

  4. tabithoughts says:

    Great piece! I love how descriptive you are :).

  5. Sara says:

    Makes me want to

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