Looking back

So this weeks 100WCGU prompt is:

Looking back, I remember…


Looking back, I remember days where I felt alone- trapped going around in circles wondering what my life would come to. People looked down at me and thought I would not amount to anything- I felt like a waste of space.


Now I feel alive and free- my path set out before me, knowing what lies ahead- possibilities. People now see me as an equal. I have lots to give and feel worthy with whatever life throws at me.


I will not look back in fear for it has made me grow into who I am- something more than an empty shell.



This is the first 100WCGU I have done for ages (or years) 😀 many ideas came into my head for this prompt but settled with this one. It feels good to be back with these prompts and so happy Julia is still doing them – fancy a go? Pop over to http://juliasplace.org.uk/ 🙂

Thanks for reading x



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One Response to Looking back

  1. jfb57 says:

    It is super to have your company again Jenny. I’m hoping to get them up Tues / Weds each week.
    I’m glad that life has moved forward but that you were able to share your memories too!

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