Busy times…

Woah- Nearly September already – blink and it will be xmas!

So last time I posted I mentioned finishing BSL but awaiting one more result- well happy to say I PASSED!! Will be starting level 3 in two weeks!!

But the main reason I have been away so long is that a day after my birthday (18th July) I gave birth to our son 😀 His name is William 😀 – he is now 5 weeks old how that has flown by!

Not had much time to log on or write tbh (I have finally picked an idea and started a plot outline for my AHOW submission -deadline is now March yay but thats it) especially as Jess starts primary school in a few weeks so spending as much time as can (esp with her brother)as a family before it all changes again……

But thought a quick update and pop on to say hi! I have been reading though- slowly! So book reviews coming on the page in next few months 😛


Thats all for now! Many thanks for reading and following- really appreciate it 😀





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One Response to Busy times…

  1. Wow, exams and baby – super star you …. all the best for the future. Kind regards Bella

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