Prompt and AHOW

Hello all!

So I have finished my level 2 BSL 🙂 Awaiting one more exam result- also found out I have a place on level 3!!! Woop

So that is why I have been away lately but on one of my facebook groups they put a prompt up and a story came to me so I had to write it down 🙂

Here is the picture prompt:


I am safe- for now. I had to give up everything, something that a week ago I would not have imagined would happen as I had it all- why would I want to give it up?


My name is Clyde and I witnessed something I shouldn’t have- I was in the wrong place at the wrong time I guess or call it fate but eitherway I wont ever be free again like the life I once had that is now firmly buried in the past.


The rain at least hides my fear like the cover I am currently underneath and the cold is starting to hit my tired and worn out bones. I can taste the damp in the air or could it be my heighted nerves? It is so quite now, and with only a bird for company reflects my life now- the silence is deafening- or could it be that scream still ringing in my ears?


I miss company- someone to talk to about what happened, but now only my thoughts are my friend and even then it wants to escape me and the trouble that surrounds me.


The smell of fresh coffee and bread from the bakery over the road starting their day  kicks in-a normal day for everyone else has begun while im sitting here unsure of what it will unfold.


Also in other writing news I now have two ideas for the AHOW story submission!

Now to get cracking with them- what one to start off with first…..



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