New projects

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all well? June already today!!! How fast has this year gone??

So today want to quickly show you two projects I am starting- exciting!

First up – I am learning Braille 😛 Im really enjoying BSL and thought Braille would be just as fascinating to learn- and it is! Love transcribing/translating 😀 On lesson 2 at moment but already have learnt a-s, capitals and full stop 🙂

Secondly- On one of my facebook writing groups have announced the start of a new anthology book- if chosen will be published in this book!

“A Haunting of Words (AHOW) – All stories must include a haunting, entity, possession, conjuring, or apparition. The stories DO NOT have to be horror!!! I encourage romance (Ghost, The Ghost & Mrs. Muir), comedy (High Spirits, Repossessed), Sci-Fi (Event Horizon), drama (A Christmas Carol, The Others), Fantasy (Spirited Away), action (Ghostbusters), and of course, horror.”

The deadline is Nov 1st and must be under 10k word limit.

Eek exciting!!! Will need to get my thinking cap on (can submit more than one story too) so next few weeks will start coming up with an idea or two….. nice new writing project competition- last time they done this they announced a few days ago the winners of AJOW (A Journey Of Words) look forward to reading it when it comes out (I joined when submission had finished). Will give it a try and see how I go 🙂


So what have you been up to in the world of writing/reading?

Many thanks for reading




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