Book Review- Survival of the Ginnest

Book Review- Survival of the Ginnest by Aimee Horton


Book description:

A modern-day diary loaded with parenting humour. Meet Dottie Harris. She was living the self-indulgent lifestyle of every childless couple… and then she had kids.

Struggling through pregnancy and motherhood, Dottie turns to social networking. She quickly becomes reliant on it, using it as a way to reach out to others and come to terms with the funny side of motherhood, whilst realising she’s not the only person to consider anything after 7 a.m. a lie in.

Follow Dottie on her journey—made up entirely of Facebook-style updates—spanning four years of her sleep-deprived life. She bluntly shares her worries, insecurities, tears and tantrums, along with the things nobody ever tells you about motherhood!

Full of humour and honesty, Dottie’s modern-day diary gives a glimpse into motherhood as she trades in her social life for the sofa and a bottle of gin, watching her children grow older while she grows less enthusiastic.

If you’re looking for a funny chick lit read packed with parenting humour, or simply want to know you’re not the only one having trouble parenting newborns and toddlers, this book about the ups and downs of mothering is for you! (Goodreads)

Book review:

Unique and original concept of writing- funny from the beginning! Felt like I was reading a friends status and some I actually thought I could have wrote them! A light and funny quick read where I caught myself laughing a few times. Would love to see the people who liked the statuses what comments they could have put- and Dotties replies……

There were many statuses that I found brilliant but these two kept making me chuckle:

“Dottie Harris has just been hit on the face by a slice of toast. Nutella side up.”

“Dottie Harrie would like to thank tea for helping her get through a particularly stressful episode of Postman Pat. Not sure who will win the race but excited about the final moral to the story!”

Enjoyable read but will take a little while to get used to the reading style.


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