Daily prompt-Underestimate

So today’s daily prompt from wordpress caught my eye and has helped with getting into writing more of my WIP2 🙂 took a while to come up with something as so many things crossed my mind! (again this is first draft) I also have put in about how shocked and surprised Liberty is to show she underestimates him 😛 so double prompt in the WIP.



cropped-imgp2012.jpgLiberty sat on the warm sand stroking the sleeping newborn dragon while waiting for Troy to meet her. Sunset was falling and the ocean waves swept calmingly and like deep meditation it helped her to focus on what was needed to be done. She breathed in the salty air and concentrated on the waves until a tap on her shoulder interrupted the peace.

“Your highness” said a deep voice

“Troy- my loyal servant, I hope you have brought me some good news…have you found it?” Liberty asked

“Yes your Highness”

“Ah Troy- you have pleased me so- come lets walk” she said with a grin

With that she woke the dragon up and passed him to Troy.

“Can I be so bold as to ask- will you really use it?” Troy asked nervously as he battled with taming an awake and disgruntled dragon

She looked at him in surprise and shock- shock that he asked a powerful question to her and surprise as to every time they met he does not seem to act like any of the other servants- asking questions he shouldn’t.

“You doubt me?” she asked

“No your Highness- I am sorry for asking. I will never underestimate your intentions or your capability- I know your path is the right one and that you are the person to do it” He said bashfully

“You are braver than I” He continued with a glisten in his eye


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  1. Nice post for the daily challenge.

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