Hello everyone!

So I have re-introduced myself to my 1st WIP, now I have started looking back into my other WIP -reintroducing myself to the character and getting ideas for it. It is a fantasy story and very different from WIP 1!

I so far have two scenes and no name for the book! (Do have a few written down but not many) But I have a chapter/plot layout (worked on that yesterday) 🙂 I have also (for both WIP’s) created a pinterest board for inspiration.

Here is a snippet of one of the scenes:

She stood looking down at what she had just inherited; the Apollo Empire- in all its glory was hers at last. The yellow ball of fire in the sky shone in happiness for Liberty.

With the people cheering to their new ruler, the enormous task of what’s to come steadily came into realisation. Biting down hard on the apple she pondered what should be done first.

The new era has begun, and one that will never be forgotten- for Liberty was now queen and she vowed to not repeat history – even if it meant that Apollo had to go into war. Liberty knew from that moment she would be remembered in history, her legacy will live on through the generations of Apollo- they will name the stars after her, the gods will favour her and she will become immortal.

“I had to kill my Uncle or Apollo would have perishedI had to set my people free from his evil rule, especially when he decided to join forces with Titian. I saved them from a future not worth living in.” Liberty thought.

Liberty faced reality again and turned, chucking the apple core to her favourite dragon Spartus and moved inside.

“My Queen, what shall we do with the body?” A voice from the back of the room asked nervously

Liberty glanced at the body- pale and stained with blood from the mouth where the poison worked its fateful job.

“I guess we shall burn it as tradition tell us- I on the other hand would rather feed him to the dragons”


What do you think? Any name suggestions welcome 😛 Hope you enjoyed it……

Many thanks for reading!



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4 Responses to WIP 2

  1. Do you want a suggestion for a title for your book?

    Do what I did for my debut romance novel, a MG/YA Paranormal entitled “I Kissed a Ghost.” To arrive at the title for my book I simply kept on summarizing the story I’ve written until I had enough words to form a decent title.

    • Thanks hun will try that 🙂 hope you liked xx

      • You’re quite welcomed my dear.
        An interesting point of my book is that the last four words of the book is the book’s title. And if you read the book you’ll find the ending ends quite naturally and that it had been forced.
        Have a GREAT WEEK with whatever you do !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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