Book Review-Miracles Now

Miracles Now by Gabrielle Bernstein


Book Description:

Miracles Now by New York Times bestselling author Gabrielle Bernstein will help readers clear stress and find peace – even if they only have a minute to spare. Bernstein knows that most of us don’t have time for an hour of yoga or 30 minutes of meditation to dissolve our anxiety, so she has hand-picked 108 techniques to combat our most common problems – from fear and anxiety to burnout and fatigue. Inspired by some of the greatest spiritual teachings, Bernstein offers up spirit-based principles, meditations and practical, do-them-in-the-moment tools to help readers burst through blocks to live with more ease. (Amazon)

Book Review:

This was my first self help (or as I now call it- personal development) book that I have read and it was recommend by a life coach called Stacey Shawe (would not have come across it otherwise).

It has 108 little sections (about one or two pages long) where you can dip in and out of or look up certain areas if want a quick boost or guidance. It does not follow a pattern so you can skip a few chapters or start wherever you like in the book. Some I skipped as either didnt apply to me or didnt want to try (but might in the future) but other sections really hit home and was what I needed to read at the time.

At the end of each section it has a sentence summary to reflect on what has been written (and is good if you dont want to read the whole lesson again)

I feel this book is really useful and will keep picking it up and putting it down when I need to- have many pages bookmarked! Some of the lessons were an eye opener.

Two of my favourite quotes are miracle numbers:

#95 You dont need to find your purpose. Your purpose will find you.

#39 Ninety percent of the practice of creating new habits is just showing up.


8/10 stars

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