Two writing prompts

So I am trying to organise time for writing and time for my craft/craft blog, BSL, job and am thinking Sundays are the best day for anything writing 🙂

I found two good writing prompts on two facebook groups last night and really wanted to write them- you know that feeling where it consumes you until you write it? The bubbly feeling of excitement of getting your words on paper? 😀 Good to slowly get back into it all – been a week of it and nice to have this day to unwind and focus on something else 🙂 Especially when that feeling sparks up again!

Here is the first one:


For me two different endings came to mind-

  1. She did not get married
  2. Ogres were no more

Its nice when words and thoughts just pop into your head and wont leave 🙂


The next prompt was this image and we needed to write something short –


Away from prying eyes she hoped he will be online- for she needed to talk to him. She knew it was wrong but she couldnt stop herself anymore…….



What things would you come up with?

Thats all from me at the mo- again sorry its another short post!



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