Late one again and this will be a short one- sorry!a-to-z-letters-k

K is for kind- to my fellow bloggers who are so. Your kind comments keep me writing and gives me confidence.

Every blogger should be kind to others- and even when your critiquing- say negative comments in a kind way.

Also kindness in books – I have tried writing dark peices and sad peices but they rest uneasy on me, how about you? Does writing anything other then kindly faze you or do you find it better?

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4 Responses to Kind

  1. paulaacton says:

    I find writing dark stuff quite easy not sure what that says about me lol but the hardest thing I ever wrote was from personal experience this is the link if you would like a look

  2. I completely agree. There is no need in tearing someone down. Not only is it mean, but it’s unproductive.

    We need another site like Operation Nice back in the blogosphere.

  3. K.Jacqleene says:

    I like your post. I have chosen to keep my blog challenge positive because of the difficulties I am facing personally right now. Deciding to take up blogging and do the A-Z challenge is my escape to my happy place. While I can easily right about darker things, I would rather keep blogging light and write about things that would bring smiles or motivate others which in turn motivates me. I don’t mind reading more serious post and I enjoy reading about people’s thoughts on current events, etc., but I have decided to keep my comments carefully structured to resonate peace and laughter. Please don’t judge me if I slip from time to time.

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