J is for Journey

Its been nearly two years since I first thought about my book- and what a journey it has been so far hence why today letter J is for journey.


When I thought about the book I wrote it down and the prologue- showed it to a few people and they liked it- then I started the blog to do the word prompt 100wcgu challenge and put up the extract just to see other reactions.

Now the journey has gone far beyond what I thought it would- I have 6 chapters in draft and many fellow writers to help me in this world of writing.

From a single idea to now over 6,000 words –  from good days to bad, its been brill! (can check out what i have done posts for a few months last year to see apart of the journey)

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4 Responses to J is for Journey

  1. sarahcradit says:

    Writing really is a journey…and its always fun to look back on each of the steps 🙂

  2. It really is a journey isn’t it? So happy that you’re on track and I look forward to reading the finished novel one day!

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