a-to-z-letters-fExactly what this challenge is- fun! What better word for the letter F?

Any blog hop is good fun and you get to discover new blogs at the same time! It also gets your creative mind flowing.I also enjoy talking with other fellow writers and looking at there WIP.

When I write it has to be fun (it is a hobby)- if its not then why do it? Fun means to enjoy! When I start to get bored I stop writing,  as if im bored, the reader will be too.

If I feel like I cant write that day then I dont force myself or beat myself up about it- instead I put music on or something else to focus my mind on and some of the time the fun comes back and I can write.

My characters are fun (i hope) and one of them is very funny 🙂 I hope the readers will think so too (or share my sense of humour)

I think the brain is an amazing thing that allows us to create something- such as a book, for others to enjoy.

I know when it comes to the editing process it wont be as much fun- how do you still make it enjoyable?

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3 Responses to F……fun

  1. sirisha says:

    Have FUN for the rest of the challenge 😀

  2. I was dreading the challenge at first and wishing I hadn’t started it – but you know what? It is fun. I’m seeing blogs I otherwise wouldn’t have. Enjoy the rest of the challenge and hope you can drop by my blog again sometime:)

  3. Sheethal says:

    Have fun throughout. 😉

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