C is for Celebrate

So today is C and for me the word Celebrate comes to mind!


Looking at achievements however big or small- do you celebrate it? Maybe a piece of chocolate or a glass of wine to reward yourself?

I think if we recognise an achievement a reward of some kind should follow- allowing us to move forward and aspire to achieve again, make the process fun!

I need to take note of this post- as i recognise ive done something (either wrote afew hundred words or just getting a sentence written) but I dont give myself credit and therefore beat myself up thinking its not good enough- it is!!

I think my reward might be a hot chocolate with cream or a cold beverage that I rarely drink such as milkshake or cola. If I finish a chapter or two then a mini home pamper session! When I finish the book maybe go out to dinner! πŸ˜‰

So go on- you have recognised you have done something that your proud of, go and (insert reward here)

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3 Responses to C is for Celebrate

  1. Anything chocolate is a reason to celebrate πŸ™‚

  2. Vanessa says:

    I think my biggest achievement lately is finishing my first novel. For years I struggled with Idea Hopping, half way through writing one book I get an idea for another, then my story gets left in the dust as I type away through my next idea. In 2011 I joined my first Nanowrimo and started a book for a series I had screaming in my head. I finished Nanowrimo with the 50k mark and I celebrated by buying a t-shirt. But even with Nanowrimo my book wasn’t finished, 6-7 months later I actually finished writing it. Now I’m in the blasted Editing stage. Your blog is very interesting and sorry I have taken up so much space! *WAVES FROM A-Z* But I look forward in reading more!

  3. Celebrating is a very important piece as you say. When I published my first book recently, my partner took me out to dinner. It was wonderful. Thanks for reminding people to celebrate their accomplishments both great and small!

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