B is for Background

A-Z challenge today is


= Background

I like to understand and know my characters inside out before writing anything about them as it makes the process easier. So I developed a character background list! (See future post for the list so you can use)


This makes sure that when I write I cant backtrack on something said previous and it just makes the characters believable and human.

Its the little details that makes a character I think. Everyone has a background!

Do you know your characters likes? dislikes? morning routine? what’s their general health like?  do they smoke? any hobbies? etc……

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7 Responses to B is for Background

  1. Arlee Bird says:

    Exactly! I like to approach each character this way even if the background materials aren’t really used in the story. It helps to know who we’re dealing with if we’re going to write about them.

  2. paulaacton says:

    I never seen to know my characters full history when I start writing but they reveal their secrets as we get to know each other better

  3. Claudia Cane says:

    LOVE That! Thank you:) I’ll be back for more helpful tips.

  4. Mayumi-H says:

    Researching characters is one of my favorite bits of writing. Many times, their routines, habits, and voice come through as I write, but they do become fuller people as those details come out. Nice “B”!

  5. stephscottil says:

    I always start things like a character sheet, and then I get to antsy to write and figure that stuff will come out later. Each new project, I try a different approach, so I’ll have to incorporate some of those ideas on character background before I start writing. I’ll TRY anyway.

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