Im back!!

Hello all!! Did you miss me??

I am back from my blog break- I needed some time away to get my head together and I felt my blog direction was slipping and too my writing (See post: At a loss). I avoided wordpress in general! Sorry but I am catching up with your blogs 🙂

Now im all refreshed and ready to write again with focus and determination!

During my break I was also very ill (for four weeks in total!) so that didnt help but it did give me time to think.

Have you had a blog break? How long did you have??

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4 Responses to Im back!!

  1. Glad to see you back! And happy that you are feeling better – both physically and about your writing, yay! I have had several blog breaks – usually for a month – in fact I am on a break at the moment from which I will be back soon (I’m still writing at Mothering Mushroom though as it’s a younger blog and has some commitments at the moment). I am looking forward to reading your posts again 🙂

  2. Hooray – glad to have you back again. BTW I am now reading all my blogs in blog lovin, so if you see I have unsubscribed to you – this is why! X.

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