A is for Achievement

What better way to kick start back in blogging than participate in this months A-Z challenge!! I will be posting about writing and my book!

To read up on it or join in go to -http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/p/2012-to-z-challenge-sign-up-list.html

So today is A



For me I overlook this when I write- but I should really think how much I have achieved in a small space of time. Even starting is a big thing!

Everytime I pick up my notepad or open up word on my laptop and write something its an achievement! One step closer to finishing!

We should measure achievement in small amounts not one big thing as it can seem daunting for some.

Putting your work out there for others to see is a huge achievement – for me it is anyway 😉

What do you see as an achievement?

Here is a list of all future letters!

A- Achievement

B- Background

C- Celebrate

D- Dreams

E- Energy

F- Fun

G- Grace

H- Hope

I- Inspiration

J- Journey

K- Kind

L- Lisa

M- Motivation

N- Nathan

O- Organisation

P- Penny

Q- Quotes

R- Ruby

S- Storyline

T- Time

U- UK vs USA

V- Views

W- Word count

X- X-rated

Y- Year

Z- Zone

Enjoy! Look forward to reading your A-Z 🙂 x

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18 Responses to A is for Achievement

  1. Summer Ross says:

    Achievement is anything I can be proud of myself for- right down to completing chores. 🙂 If I only write two words- still more than I had yesterday and that’s an achievement.
    Have a great day!

  2. Laura Hyde says:

    You are so right about measuring our achievements in small amounts; I’m totally gonna adopt this ‘mantra’. I need to focus more what I do write/have written, rather than what I have yet to write! Good luck with the A-Z challenge x

  3. Kristi Jones says:

    Hi Jenny,
    This is so true…I tend to downplay my achievements. I always feel like I’m scrambling to produce and then I never take the time to look back and consider what I’ve accomplished. Great word…thanks for the reminder. I’m going to enjoy your A to Z posts!

  4. Leslie says:

    I agree with you – putting your work out publicly is an achievement! I’m a wreck about doing it. I’m terrified of cruel feedback. Not negative – that I can handle 🙂 But the meanness I have trouble with.

  5. sarahcradit says:

    So true! I had a boss once that forced us to sit back and enjoy all successes- even the ‘small’ ones. They add up. And an achievement is an achievement. Good luck!

  6. K.Jacqleene says:

    Nice reminder. Thanks!

  7. Mayumi-H says:

    Good point about measuring achievements, Jenny. And, good luck with the challenge!

  8. A is also for Ambition – Good luck with this ambitious challenge! I look forward to reading your posts – great idea to share the subjects in advance 🙂

  9. Sisyphus47 says:

    I look forward to this alphabet! A wonderful start 😉

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