How many

How many characters is too many for a story?? I have two main characters, three main sub characters and three in the background type characters?!?! I think main characters should have a limit up to three but can have as many subs as you want.

In my novel so far three characters are in the limelight at moment and two want to be!! Ahh I think they might get angry at me for not including them often?? 😉 As its my first novel I would like to keep it simple but not too plain.

As long as the story all comes together I guess it doesn’t matter how many in total, but I don’t want to over do it and confuse the readers. Each character has a part to play and are needed so cannot be axed!

Reading books the majority have about 7 or 8 characters in total (or more) with two or three as a main! Take twilight and harry potter for instance…

Having too many can be trouble to make them shine as there is only so much of the book word count wise. Each have backgrounds (see on what basis post for more detail) and you need to be brutal when it comes to how much of a sub character to write in if they only pop up in only a few scenes.


How many do you have in your WIP?

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