Writing platforms?

I have stumbled upon goodreads, wattpad, booksie and figment to name a few places if you want your story to be out there. I tried goodreads but didnt go anywhere so just kept to my blog!

Not sure if I want to put my story onto these websites but a part of me thinks its appealing to get more people to comment on the bits I have done! Dilemma eh?

Maybe I will use them to read other writers work and gain more people in my writing network?

Have you or would you put your stories up on other platforms?

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2 Responses to Writing platforms?

  1. Mayumi-H says:

    Part of me says any exposure is good exposure, but I think you’d want to be selective about your work. If you have smaller/lesser works, you could put those out there, for the feedback on your style. But I’d say be careful about using those platforms for anything you’d want to share in more widespread circles, as each platform has its strengths and drawbacks, and no one of them is comprehensive.

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