Five Sentence Fiction- Vision

She sat with a steaming cup of tea in the silence of the house that allowed her to think, real deep thoughts about her life. Her best friend is suffering from depression after a year of suffering and they both got made redundant so that did not help matters, and with her little one now at per-school She has lots of time with nothing but housework to fill the gap.

Nursing the cup she gazed out into the garden-could it only have been a year ago since that birthday party she organised for her mum? It was lots of fun and she enjoyed organising it as it was the first thing she focused on since the redundancy.

Suddenly like a light turning on in her head she smiled- could she do it? Would Ruby be up for it? The sudden idea became more appealing the more she thought about it. Picking up the phone she dialled Ruby’s number in excitement.


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2 Responses to Five Sentence Fiction- Vision

  1. JazzBumpa says:

    Well, now — that just leaves us hanging.
    More next week?

  2. Mayumi-H says:

    I like how you’re tying this in to the characters of your book. Those few sentences really give us a glimpse into the characters’ motivations and perspectives. Nicely done!

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