Friday’s Letter


Dear Matty– Good luck with the interview for the promotion! So proud of you. Dear Mum and Dad– Thanks for helping out and I hope you enjoy your steam room. Dear Jessica– You are learning so much everyday and im so lucky to have you in my life. Dear Fellow Bloggers– Sorry for not many posts- me and jess have been ill plus want to spend some time working on my bookie. Dear God– Went church Sunday 🙂 long time! Started my prayer journal! Dear Amoxicillin– Thankyou for getting rid of jessicas chest infection Dear Inspiration– Cheers for popping into my head every now and then for my book Dear Mothercare– Thanks for the voucher, helped with jessicas xmas prezzies!

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2 Responses to Friday’s Letter

  1. Mayumi-H says:

    These letters are so sweet and full of wonderful things to remember when we’re down. 🙂

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