What I’m Reading (20th October 2012)

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Currently Reading: The Help by Kathryn Stockett

I am half way through and love every single page so far! The emotion in this book is powerful and I like the way its written (you actually get into the characters heads)- I like the way they speak to you with the accents they have.  When you read it you feel stronger and grateful for what you have.  Want to keep turning the page to find out more about the lives of each character (even the sub characters).

Its about racial tensions in the 1960’s where black domestic servants are used, seen but not herd, and treated horribly.  You see into the lives of three women who support each other and try to change the boundary’s with a book project that is at a risky cost.

If the book continues the way it is- it will be one of my top 10 books I have read 🙂

Lookout for the whole review soon…….

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1 Response to What I’m Reading (20th October 2012)

  1. Jess says:

    Oh I loved this book! It is definitely one of my favourites. Have you seen the film? I can’t decide whether it will live up to my expectations! Thank you for linking up 🙂

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