Friday’s Letter


1st time writing this so here goes:

Dear Matty– Thankyou for being my rock, my soul mate and partner. Not long now till half term 🙂 bring on the lie ins and hugs. Dear Mum and Dad– Thanks for helping me out this week by coming round and also keeping me company! Blessed to have parents like you guys. Looking forward to coming round Sunday for a roast. Dear Jessica– My bundle of joy i love so much- when you smile it makes my day even when you have kept me up most of the night. Nearly 4 months old already! Dont grow up too fast. Dear fellow bloggers– Thankyou for all your kind comments and likes- it gives me so much confidence in my writing ability and very grateful for your support. Dear Twitter– Thankyou for letting me RT and win prizes 🙂 Dear Pintrest– Thanks for the visual piccys that help me with my book. Dear cuppa tea– Many thanks for the hot goodness that give me energy and help when im feeling low. Dear Calpol– Cheers for working when teething powder and gel dont work for my Jess.

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2 Responses to Friday’s Letter

  1. What a lovely letter. Love it x

  2. Dabir says:

    Awesome letter there jenny

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