What has made me happy this week- 11

Taken from @HelpfulMum blog 🙂

Will try to do this every week! Why not join in?

This week 19/9/12

1- Matty scored a try in rugby on Saturday

2- Jess is now 12 weeks

3- Uploaded my first video blog on youtube!

4- Jess can drag herself off the playmat

5- Learnt leg/foot massage techniques at baby massage

6- Jess got her 2nd pen pal letter 🙂

7- Have been in the flat for over a year now (1yr 1 mnth)



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7 Responses to What has made me happy this week- 11

  1. HelpfulMum says:

    You’re a step ahead of me with the vlog! Sounds like a good week.

  2. My two have recently got penpals and love it 🙂 Lots of nice reasons. Found via the linky x

  3. What a sweet idea for a meme! Lovely.

  4. Who has jess been writing to? 🙂
    Sounds like a good week x

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