What has made me happy this week- 9

Taken from @HelpfulMum blog 🙂

Will try to do this every week! Why not join in?

This week has been abit upsetting as i found out that a mate on twitter that i have known for over a year was a fake- many of us were affected and upset/angry by this (hence why been quite), jess has her 1st set of injections which led to her being grumpy and sad then found out she has had slow weight gain (6oz in two weeks) and our fish died 😦 oh and ive been ill but here are some postives…

This week 04/9/12

1- Jess is 10 weeks old!!!

2- Jess got some pen pals (they are very real)

3- Won two prizes from the tesco baby event on twitter (a video sensor monitor and a sterilizer)

4- Got a sewing machine

5- Jess went on a bus for the first time



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3 Responses to What has made me happy this week- 9

  1. HelpfulMum says:

    Sounds like a good week! 10 weeks old and a bus ride sounds great!

  2. Emma Garratt says:

    oh no! Who was the person? (Hoping I haven’t been chatting with them!) Well done on your wins! My blog has two comps at the moment, maybe see if your luck does come in threes! Found via the linky, I’ve added mine too x

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