Mockingjay- Book Review (spoliers)

Book description-

After Katniss survives the hunger games twice she discovers that district 13 is alive and wants her to become the symbol of the rebellion- their mockingjay. The capitol is angry and no one is safe.This is the third and final book of the hunger games.

Book review-

The book is divided into three parts. The first is picking up where the second book finished where we learn about the rebellion, district 13, Peetas capture and Katniss becoming the mockingjay. The second part is where the capitol tries to bomb them and the war starts. The final part is where Katniss and her team go to the capitol to try and kill President Snow.

The beginning part was informative yet slow to get into- I wondered about how Peeta and the others were doing and felt for Katniss as her district is no more- stuck underground, confused with what happened after being dragged out of the arena, and feeling helpless. Then when she agrees to become the symbol for all the districts and fights- it was more them telling her what to do and all fake for the cameras, no freedom even when she had the power and instead of the girl we knew from the first two books it wasn’t her any more- more guilty feeling,  shy in her shell not wanting to do much and doubting herself. They also rescue the captives and Peeta where you get angry at Katniss for not trying harder to help him through his ordeal instead of pushing him away and wondering how to kill herself.

The book got repetitive (how many times can she end up in hospital) and the love triangle started to give me a headache, it was all about her- like she was stringing them along or using them to help herself, one minute she chooses Gale then kisses Peeta.

The third section dragged and the ending was a let-down. Collins killed off characters quickly (grew to like Finnick) and again only found out about what happened with Snow and the end of the war with someone telling her (just like most of the good lead ups to a major scene)

She does end up “choosing” but I feel not by choice- Peeta visited her regularly (no one else did due to mental state tbh) and Gale (very annoyed with this) has a good job in district 2 and is on tv sometimes -what a way to end a character who obviously loved Katniss (even with the was it his bomb that killed Prim) he just cuts himself from her, not once mentioned he visited even as an old friend and not a lover? and for the death of Prim that confused me at first I had to re-read it as didnt realise she died.

I did however like the epilogue as i felt that at least their was some closure and happiness for Katniss after all the self pity/depression she went through in the book.

Rating 6/10

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