Once upon a time

So linking with http://older-mum.blogspot.co.uk/p/once-upon-time.html i thought i would try this out! So here goes….

My 1st day

Once upon a time….

I remember starting secondary school,  i woke up few hours earlier than intended with excitement as i thought going there was a passage to being a grown up and that i was now classed as a young lady than a child, but also nerves as to if i would make friends as i was a shy little person!

I put on my uniform that has that just fresh and new out the packet smell- and my blazer arms were abit long! also tying up my tie was a mission (still cant do it to this day!)  then double checking my school bag that me and mum packed the night before (light at first but over time got so heavy with all the books and p.e kit it made me abit of a hunchback for a while) and off we went to pick up my primary school friend along the way.

We got to the gates of my second home and said goodbye to mum, and from there we lined up in the playground when our name was called- this was to be our tutor group or my new “family”. Following the group to our classroom we had ice breakers, then a tour of the school- with many stair blocks, corridors winding around, vast spaces of playground and fields, a swimming pool (that i couldnt swim in till year 10)  i knew straight away i will get lost on so many occasions.

The welcome assembly in the big hall after the tour was boring i nearly fell asleep, i remember someone kicking the back of my chair not sure if to wake me up or to tease 😦 We then went off to our first lesson guided by our tutor.

We sat where the teacher told us and went through many rules. Then we got our coloured textbook and had to write our name, tutor group and teacher on the front- this i took ages to do as wanted it neat and tidy but after so many more of these books for each class i didnt care! there was no dress ups or paper mache time or spelling tests- it was teacher tells you this and write it down or an activity in a set time about a certain topic- not much freedom in the learning. I had geography, french, p.e and textiles (know geography as i formed a “liking” to the teacher, french as i was looking forward to learning this all summer, p.e standing in the cold in my new kit freezing playing basketball for someone who is tiny will never play it, and textiles got to make a purse!)

Break time i remember meeting up with my brother and he showed me and few of my fellow tutor group friends the “tuck shop” where we can buy sweets and snacks and became our regular haunt.

Lunchtime i had a packed lunch but the food looked yummy so from then on i had school dinners! also felt silly having a lunchbox and the odd one out!

By the last lesson i was so tired of all the new books, rules, meeting people, putting in homework in the homework diary(got told off the next day by an awful teacher that i came to despise throughout the year- but homework was a new concept to me) – i went home and slept till late! i felt already that i wasnt going to enjoy school as it was such an odd, big scary environment and not as fun as primary school.

Growing up wasnt as brilliant as i first thought! It felt like over the summer everyone was a step ahead in things- like they revised about life over the summer holidays :s

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2 Responses to Once upon a time

  1. So sorry its taken me this long to comment – have had a very hectic week! I am amazed you can remember so much from your first day at school! I have shady memories, but the one your piece really evoked was standing in the playground waiting for your name to be called out to find out wich class you were in! That was nervewracking! Do they still have tuck shops? Lovely piece. And thank you so much for linking up – really appreciated ;o).

  2. This is really good. Great memories and very well written. x

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