Reason 2 Rhyme – Book Spine Poetry

kbnelson’s Poetry Prompt… Monday, July 30, 2012 Reason 2 Rhyme – Book Spine Poetry

The idea is that by carefully selecting a few book titles and stacking them together, you can create a free verse poem. Create a Book Spine Poem by layering titles to make a meaningful statement.  These can be books you own, or notice at your local bookstore or online.  (Photo is optional, but it’s nice to at least give credit to the authors’ works and their contribution to your poem.)

Here is my post- LOVE



Twenties girl-the model wife

Tell me something

Still thinking of you-must be love!

The making of us

P.s i love you



Twenties girl- Sophie Kinsella

The model wife- Julia Llwelllyn

Tell me something- Adele Parks

Still thinking of you- Adele Parks

Must be love- Cathy Woodman

The making of us- Lisa Jewell

P.s i love you- Cecelia Ahern ]

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4 Responses to Reason 2 Rhyme – Book Spine Poetry

  1. Mayumi-H says:

    Clever idea (reminds me of Dave Sim’s collected book titles: Women, Reads, and Minds). Well done poem! 🙂

  2. Scarlet Rose Creations says:

    Love your poem! Anything about love always get me going.

  3. Sounds so sweet! Great poem to this really cool prompt. Nice ending!

  4. thankyou guys- enjoyed this weeks prompt- very creative way of writing a poem! x

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