Little Alfies big adventures- sports day

Our story begins far away in the woods of Oakdown, where there lived three bears- Mumma Peggy, Papa Charlie and Little Alfie, who lived in a house shaped like a mushroom.

Today Alfie was excited for it was Oakdown Primary’s annual sports day. He shot out of bed and rushed to the door.

“Mumma can we go to the sports day now?”

“No Alfie you need to brush your teeth”

He hurriedly brushed his teeth.

“Now can we go?”

“No Alfie you need to put on your school clothes” papa reminded him

He swiftly put his clothes on.

“Can we go now?”

“No Alfie you need to eat your breakfast” mumma replied

There on the table lies a bowl of porridge and some jam on toast. He speedily ate his breakfast.

“Now?” he pleads

But then he slowly had to wait for mumma and papa to finish their breakfast!

“Now we can go Alfie!” Said mumma Peggy happily

Out the door they all left energised and eager about the events to come but then Alfie started to get nervous.

When they arrived, many creatures were gathered. All the pupils of Oakdown school were in groups for each event that was being held and the crowd was huge!

Little Alfie made his way through and got his number bib where he got mumma Peggy to pin it to his back- he really looks the part!

Alfie had signed up for the egg and spoon race for that was his favourite event.

They walked down to where it was taking place. There was a desk with many wooden spoons and big eggs each with a number written on them. Little alfie grabbed a spoon and found his egg by looking up the number that was on his bib. He got into his position on the start line with five other animals and placed the egg ontop shakily.

“Five, four, three, two, one……. “ Said a sweeky voice of Ms Poppy his teacher


A big noise sounded the start of the race!

And off Alfie went, slowly though for the egg was starting to wobble

Wobble wobble

Near the finish line now, and a few contestants already dropped their eggs -but not alfie!

So close- will he make it?

Wobble wobble

His shoe laces start to untie- he has to slow down or he will trip over! and with that sally badger has past him!

A minute later he has done it- he crossed the finish line!!

Just then he trips up and his egg dropped on the ground with a big splat! Alfie didn’t mind however as he came second place and Alfie was so happy with this that he jumped high up into the air and then he walked fast to mumma and papa (being careful not to trip up again) as they gave him a big hug. Mumma Peggy ties his laces back up and hold his spoon so he can collect his award.

Alfie went to collect his shiny silver medal from headmaster Mr Ducksworth.

There he found his friend Lucy mouse- who tells Alfie that she won the three leg race with her mum. Both grinning and showing off their medals- Alfie had so much fun he forgot that he started to get nervous! He realised no matter what could have happened, it was the taking part that counted.

After all this excitement little Alfie was thirsty and tired. They all went to the drinks stand to buy lemonades and then the three bears said their goodbyes and started to walk back home.

What an eventful morning it was!

That evening they all had boiled eggs, with Alfie using his wooden spoon to eat it.


THIS IS ONLY A DRAFT AND WILL DO SOME ILLUSTRATIONS TO GO WITH IT- 1st childrens type story (want to read it to Jessica) needed a break from my main book writing and who knows if good might do some more!

plz leave feedback as its much appreciated! 🙂


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