Drip drop

Im linking up with JB47′s 100 Word Challenge.Week 50- 100 word count challenge

Prompt- The rain turned the road into a river

Drip drip drip drop

Not even an umbrella could hold it off

The great flood of 2012

Someone went overboard on the rain dance spell

Possessions ruined and memories lost

Where new ones were created



The rain turned the road into a river

And the town into a swimming pool

Drip drip drop

When will it stop

Armbands at the ready? Don’t be a fool

Lives on hold

No warning

Of the July 5th early that morning

Like a scene from a film


This is the day that stories will be told

Of the wetness, damp and cold

Drip drop

The clouds have shed their tears



This was a tricky prompt but thought id do it as a poem for an extra challenge

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3 Responses to Drip drop

  1. And the water washes away everything beneath it, and lets the world start anew.
    Good work with this prompt!

  2. Nice one. Didn’t feel inspired by this one, but loved yours. Will seewhat tomorrow brings …

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