The lie

Im linking up with JB47′s 100 Word Challenge.Week 48- 100 word count challenge

Prompt- I blamed it on the dog

I blamed it on the dog- I didn’t mean too, it just sort of happened- I was caught off guard and nervously responded, slip of the tongue. I should have taken responsibility for what happened but now if I admit the truth I will get into trouble.

Everyone does it, such a simple thing to do- will they buy it? I think they have!

Stay silent, look convincing…

Surely wedding invitations can be redone? She shouldn’t have left them out! All I wanted was my morning cup of coffee and now im a suspect to interrogation.

Poor dog, good dog- my life saver and best friend.


Managed to do this weeks prompt with lack of sleep but had plenty of time due to feeding to come up with this post 🙂

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7 Responses to The lie

  1. Oh dear, I think the dog would have been in big trouble- particularly if they were the handmade sort of invitations!

  2. Mayumi-H says:

    Oh, poor dog! I hope s/he doesn’t suffer the brunt of repercussions. 😀 (You know what, though? Some people take their wedding invitations much too seriously!)

  3. sjbwriting says:

    Oh I feel his predicament. Genuine accident but knowing what serious trouble he’d be in. Hope the dog doesn’t suffer!

  4. Delft says:

    And who knows what kind of arguments may arise between the bride and groom over the spoilt invitations?
    I’m sure Dog is a faithful friend, and will be happy to take the blame.

  5. thanks guys 🙂 i really enjoyed this weeks prompt! x

  6. Gilly Gee says:

    Oh the poor thing 😦 I expect people really would do this though!

  7. dont worry all the dog doesnt suffer- i think he wasnt convincing enough!

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